Oral Fluid Testing

Also called saliva testing, oral fluid testing is an accurate method of determining recent substance abuse, given its window of detection of 24-48 hours. It is commonly used to detect alcohol use.

Because alcohol evaporates in 12 to 24 hours, oral fluid testing is not a reliable way of gauging historical alcohol use. Instead, it’s a good option during emergency situations in which individuals need to be tested for alcohol use such as after worksite accidents.

Saliva Collections

To conduct a saliva drug test, collectors at ARCpoint Labs of Cleveland North follow this procedure:

  • Place a pad between the lower cheek and gums; it should remain for 2-5 minutes
  • After the pad is saturated, it is removed and used in testing

ARCpoint Labs of Cleveland North can conduct saliva collections for oral fluid testing several ways:

Lab-Based Testing

Send participants to our Cleveland-area lab for testing. Our trained collectors follow chain-of- custody guidelines to ensure the legality and accuracy of all results.

Instant Testing

Get results within minutes. Non-negative tests will be sent on for further processing and evaluation to verify that drug or alcohol use was the trigger; negative results can be trusted to discount the use of drugs or alcohol.

Post-Accident Testing, On-Site

Call ARCpoint Labs of Cleveland North if an accident occurs at your worksite. Our mobile team can provide accurate, court-admissible saliva testing on-site.

To arrange for your oral fluid testing today, call (423) 790-7766.